Since beginning this project I feel that I have been validated so many times through my experiences. I know that many of the things I have been lucky enough to experience will never be experienced by any other person ever. Because of the way we do things it is very easy to imagine that no one we interview has ever experienced another interview like ours nor will they ever get the chance again. We do not take the usual path when conducting an interview. We want to do more than just ask about the persons latest project or significant other. There are so many more interesting things you can do or ask about if you are not worried about crossing any lines. Of course we try to be respectful & we always attempt to make our interviews comfortable for the people involved. We are not shock jocks. We are artists. Trying to show a side of people which you have likely never had the chance to enjoy.

I received an email from one of our collaborators who was super excited about something she had just discovered. Her dad had left her his collection of movie memorabilia and in that collection were a number of movie posters from very well know films from the 1930’s. She checked in with a poster expert to get an appraisal and was shocked at the value he suggested. Short story: she received a windfall from the sale of the entire poster collection and was able to fund her next project – recording the sounds of arboreal forests in North America!

We look for the most entertaining way to spend time getting to know a person. We do not simply sit around asking boring questions. We will take the same time to enjoy something active while enjoying conversation with the person we are interviewing. This gives us a chance to get to know the real person. They are not only thinking about the best answer. They are actively partaking in something to take their mind off of the fact they are being interviewed. This allows for much more honest & heartfelt answers. We find the responses are always more genuine when we gather information in this fashion plus the people involved come out of the experience feeling much better about the entire thing.

We have taken much time in planning out some of the most interesting activities to take part in. We have had the chance to do some pretty cool stuff which we would have never had the chance to take part in if not for this show. For that we are eternally thankful which is why we take time out of our busy schedules to continue this great work. We feel lucky to be involved in this ourselves. We feel that what we do has a purpose & from the feedback we have received it seems that others tend to feel the same way. I fully intend to continue doing this for as long as the opportunity exists. It would be crazy for me to stop doing something which I have found so very fulfilling for such a very long time.

This project has helped me fulfill a lot of dreams & If anyone ever gets the chance to do something similar I would highly recommend it.

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