About the Show

About the show
As students at NYU, Boaz and Evan were frustrated with the sleep inducing programming on their campus television station. “When you turned it on, it was either overplayed music videos or foreign documentaries,” Boaz remembers, “although that documentary about the Brazilian seamstress who starts an alpaca farm was fascinating, most of them were pretty boring.” Evan agreed, “Something definitely had to be done.” That something was On the Cusp, Boaz and Evan’s creative and often bizarre late-night talk show geared to college students.
Over the next three years, On the Cusp attracted an impressive array of guests to their un-air conditioned and overcrowded studio on Washington Square Park. It also attracted a constantly-growing audience as it quickly became the most popular program in the history of the NYU Television Network. Boaz and Evan have since graduated from NYU, and now they’re excited about bringing their unique brand of entertainment to college stations nationwide. Clips & Quips is a fresh look at movies, books, pop-culture, and more from a student’s perspective. Each half-hour episode is packed with entertaining segments and action-packed interviews with actors, authors, and other interesting people. Though these are no typical interviews. “I’m sick of all the normal movie shows where they ask an actor about the plot and their character and they just give the same regurgitated answer. I want to keep our guests on their toes.” Boaz has played ping pong with the cast of Family Guy, shared bad puns with Elijah Wood, and got resume tips from Pierce Brosnan. At a recent interview even Luke Wilson acknowledged, “You ask really different questions.” “We’re still not sure if that was a compliment or not,” Evan says, “but with a name like Boaz he’s used to being called different.”
Movies are only the beginning though. “The most important thing about Clips & Quips,” Boaz emphasizes, “is that the content is driven by our viewers.” Students send in their short films, CDs of their garage bands, and anything else they want to share with other viewers. “If a viewer is itching to ask their favorite actor or musician a question, we’ll do our best to get to them… or at least we’ll make up an answer and pretend that we asked them.”

** Update **
This show developed so many long term followers that it was continued in other formats far beyond the expected lifespan. After developer Brosnan met with an established gardener, they produced a new tv segment on the growing season in different areas. He is looking for other avid gardeners like Jefferey Reed. The other show they produced is still being produced & enjoyed to this very day even though it is not with the regularity it once was. That is unfortunately a result of other demands on our time. Anyone who has ever kept a project alive as a labor of love knows what I am talking about.

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