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Boaz Frankel (co-producer/host)
Still in his early twenties, Boaz Frankel is quickly making a name for himself on the New York scene. In early 2002, Boaz began On the Cusp, a fresh and funny late night talk show on the New York University Television Network. With his sharp interviewing skills and quick wit, Boaz was called “a young David Letterman,” as he interviewed countless renowned guests including Michael Caine, Natalie Portman, Pierce Brosnan, Will Ferrell, and many more about various topics including “Living Next to Unruly Neighbors,” as well as “Being an Unruly Neighbor.” Well, how do you survive an unruly neighbor? Boaz had plently of advice, including a few quips by someone, who suggested that to defuse that bad vibes of approaching an annoying neighbor that it’s better to make it about you, not them. Well, you can imagine how that approach would work for most New Yorkers! “Be nice” is one of the suggestions when addressing a neighborly dispute. I think more often than not, complaints are lodged with the coop or condo board and lawyers are brought in is it needs to escalate. However, Boaz made the whole confrontation scenarios absolutely hilarious.

On the Cusp quickly became the most popular show in NYU-TV’s history. In the spring of 2004, Boaz was chosen from over 150 NBC interns to be one of eight contestants on the Today show’s special reality series, The Intern. Loosely based on The Apprentice, Boaz competed in various tasks, including producing his own piece that aired on Today. Boaz appeared on the show for over a week, was named one of the winners, and was awarded a special assignment with co-host Matt Lauer. In addition, Boaz has appeared numerous times on Last Call with Carson Daly, as well as the WB’s Studio 7, and the Style Network’s Brini Maxwell Show. Most recently, Boaz created and produced a pilot of 500 & Under, a quirky new documentary series that examines small town America.

Evan Nisenson (co-producer/affiliate relations)
Evan Nisenson received a degree in Communication Studies from New York University in the spring of 2003. As a student, he ran the extremely popular movie screening program; managing publicity, booking talent, coordinating sponsors, and producing the event. Through his efforts, dozens of films were screened for hundreds of university students before they even came out in theaters. It was at NYU that Evan met Boaz Frankel and became an integral part in the development of the hit talk show, On The Cusp. As an associate producer he booked guests, coordinated the crew, and conducted interviews with diverse guests including actors such as Holly Hunter and Matt Dillon. For more than two years, Evan also worked in the audience department at The Late Show With David Letterman. Most recently, Evan worked in the publicity department at Sony’s Columbia Pictures where he cemented many industry contacts. Now, Evan looks forward to returning to his former passion- creating and providing quality entertainment programming to college students.

We’ve taken the time out of our lives to create & maintain this site for some time now. We enjoy the feedback we get as well as the feeling of accomplishment it supplies us with. We only have a very limited amount of time to work on this site but we check it from time to time & if you reach out to us we will certainly try to get back to you in a timely manner.

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