The Goal

It is our goal to entertain the masses. We were bored of the same old stuff all of the time and decided we could likely create much more entertaining media than we had become accustomed to taking part in. We felt that given the chance we could not only enrich our life through knowledge but we could enrich the entire community through a better class of entertainment. You see, we were tired of every interview going the same way. Having the same questions and the same hum drum responses from people. We wanted to mix things up a bit. Make sure the world took note of a whole new way of doing things. We wanted to change media forever. SO our first directive is to slots for US players for some R & R. has a full list of online slots for all US players, so if you want to play for real money go for it, but there are plenty of online casinos where you can play for free. How many times have you been stuck waiting for your plane at the airport and seen people totally engaged playing slots on their mobile devices. Lots of times, believe me. So go for it, chill and have some fun.

BUT first off you need to get there. And I don’t just mean that figuratively. I mean that literally. And when we need to get somewhere we want to get there fast. Think of a dog who needs to do his business…right now. He needs to get outside fast! He’s waited patiently for his owner to take him out for a walk, but no deal. What this pet needs is a fast solution to a chronic issue. And there is a fast solution. All the dog owner has to do is install some weatherproof dog doors for his (the dog’s) benefit. The owner doesn’t need to be around as long as the dog has an area where it can easily get to outside the house. The owner benefits from the weatherproof dog doors since they will increase the energy – efficiency in the home and free up the owner from having to walk his dog. This is a quick “win win” situation for everyone. That’s the fastest solution to the dog problem I’ve had in a long time.

Now as far as the solution to getting somewhere fast for the two legged creature….
We want to get from point A to point B via the fastest car, the quickest train, or even more conveniently with can just charter a private jet. Of these three means of transportation, I prefer private jet charter flights. Not only can we depart from the airport of our choice, but the departure time is arranged around our schedules and needs.

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