The Goal (cont.)

No more mad dash to the airport, no long security lines, no more crowded terminals. We utilize a company that specializes in arranging on – demand private jet charter flights with accessibility to over 5,000 aircraft. They guarantee to provide the highest level of aircraft flexibility with as little as four hours notice. We try to plan ahead for chartering a private jet, but if an emergency occurs or the weather changes dramatically and we need to get to a certain destination, these air charter coordinators always come through for us. Since we want to show the world the changes we made, getting there as fast as possible is truly the only way.

We went about doing this by setting up a basic format for our show. We included every aspect we would be working with & we went through each of them to identify each of the major selling points. What the traditional media did right in this category & what they did wrong. In some cases this was clear cut but in others it was much harder to determine. You see we wanted to turn the field on end but we did not want to alienate our target audience at the same time. This is harder than it looks & it took some time to accomplish. There was no previously set structure for what we were doing. It was all made up as we went along. Sometimes we found that one of our methods was a winner. Sometimes we found that we were off in the deep end & nobody was willing to follow us there. Eventually we found a balance that seemed to work.

Eventually we were able to come up with a recipe for success and once you have a workable foundation it is easier to add layers to the character of a project without losing what you have come to find works well. We just continued from their, always pushing the envelope, always trying to be a little more outlandish with out being totally offensive to those people we relied upon for success. It is a fine line one must walk when trying to stay relevant but trying not to lose a step. It is hared than it looks to stay current. To always be on the cutting edge of entertainment. The truth is that often you must try a lot of ridiculous things out to find the one thing that eventually works. It is really all about trial & error. There is no formula that one can follow you must cut your own path.

We have always enjoyed doing just that even though it is a mighty effort to accomplish! When you accomplish such a lofty goal, you have reason to celebrate!